Storing Leftover Potting Soil

Good day everyone! Hope this post finds everyone in great spirits! Today I want to share a quick tip that has helped me save money on potting soil. In the past when I have purchased soil I generally have had some leftover. What I have found was that when I wasn’t using the potting soil and it has stayed in the bag it would get pretty soggy from rainy days or get full of ants. Needless to say I was wasting money.


So lately I have been putting my soil(temporarily) in a kitty litter container. No more than two weeks! It has really helped to keep it fresh and moist for my next potting session! I am sure you can use Home Depot containers or even Rubbermaid containers. For me I didn’t want to spend extra cash when I had something on hand! I hope this tip helps and keeps your soil looking and feeling great!

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In His service,



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