Clay Pot Makeover

Hello All!

This project came together one day when I needed a quick makeover to my front door entrance and backyard porch for a party we were hosting. We are currently renting so making any major changes to the home wasn’t permitted. So, my husband I bought a good amount of plants but I noticed that all my pots were all sorts of colors and textures (the textures I didn’t mind so much). I LOVE LOVE LOVE spray paint to I grabbed a few cans from my craft room and off I went!

This quick and easy makeover didn’t take long at all. Keep in mind depending on the weather outside will determine how quickly you can get that pot ready and planted. I recommend painting when it’s warm out with low humidity. The muggy weather can slow the drying time of the paint.

There are more recommendations to come so without further delay here’s the good stuff!!

Materials to complete the project:

  1. Tarp or other cover to put under the pot you are painting
  2. Small brush to remover access dirt
  3. Clay pot
  4. Potting soil
  5. Your choice of plant
  6. Spray paint *recommend Krylon with primer

1. Rinse off the pot thoroughly and let it dry for about an hour. Once I let it dry I grabbed my small brush and did one more sweep of the entire pot, inside and out, to make sure all the debris came off. You can do another rinse if you want but I didn’t.

Apr 29 2014_0009_edited-1

Apr 29 2014_0008_edited-1

2. Turn the pot over so the top is facing down. Start with a light mist of spray about 6-8 inches from the pot and work your way around. I love the boldness of spray paint so my light mist might be heavier than some, you be the judge. Let it dry for 30-45 minutes before applying your second coat. I highly recommend that you wait that long so you don’t find yourself with dripping paint. See my mistake in the picture.

Apr 29 2014_0012_edited-1

Apr 29 2014_0013_edited-1

Apr 29 2014_0014_edited-1

3. Once fully dry, apply the second coat with the same consistency and you will begin to notice how beautifully the paint covers the pot. You can leave the pot with two coats but for my pot I did a third but I waited 24 hours so the paint fully cures from the two coats we just applied.

Apr 29 2014_0015_edited-1

4. Here is the finished product and I am more than pleased with how the pot came together with the plants and other décor.


I hope that this tutorial can help you bring some life and fun color to your home as I know it did mine! Please leave me a comment or picture of your finished project. I would love to see what you all have done! God Bless!

In his service,



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