Fedora and Things Collection

Good Throwback Thursday!

I wanted to share a little side of me that I knew I loved but really didn’t explore until the birth of my awesome daughter back in May of 2013. What I want to share is my love for photography. I always said it’s an art. It’s my perception of art whether I’m putting together boots and hats to form a shoot or photographing a baby’s yawn and delicate feet.

So today I have a small gallery of photos that I actually took in my own backyard with all my things that I already own. Don’t be afraid to use what you already have. If you have nice chairs incorporate it. If you have a nice patio use it. If you have nice brick stand by it. If you have an old fence with paint chipping off by all means take advantage! Open your eyes to what’s around you!

I hope you enjoy this gallery as it was a lot of fun to do!


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