Prayer Jar

These past couple of weeks have been tough on my heart. I have been hearing stories of close friends and family members going through some difficult times. Some minimal and could probably be done and over with in jiffy and then some are a little more serious and life changing. Although I have been praying and thinking about these individuals there was something that stirred inside of me to do more about making my prayers more vocal and tangible. I decided to write them down and put them in a prayer jar where I can be reminded of His support and love for us.

It’s fun to read them after some time as passed and my husband has joined in as well! We get to see how he is working in our lives!

So here is a tutorial on how I created mine in hopes that it will inspire you create one of your own. Enjoy!

Materials to complete the project:

  1. Clear Jar (I bought my mine at Wal-Mart)
  2. Software to create your stencil
  3. Any cutting machine or Stencil blade
  4. Vinyl
  5. Transfer Tape
  6. Etching Cream
  7. Scissors
  8. Sponge Brush

Ok, you should now have all your materials so let’s get started!

Create your stencil on what you would like in the front of your prayer jar. In the pictures below you see how I created my stencil using my Silhouette program called the Studio Designer.

Once you have completed your design and measured to make sure that it will fit in the front of your jar, put your vinyl on the cutting mat and load it in the Silhouette.

Before committing to the cut make sure that you change the cut settings to vinyl and change the blade setting to 2.

Now click send for the Silhouette to cut or you can manually do it by hand.

Once it’s completed remove it from the machine and carefully remove the vinyl from the cutting mat. Put the cutting away.

Cut around the stencil so you can get a better view of the jar to center the stencil. However make sure to leave a little room around the letters so you don’t get etching cream outside of your stencil. You don’t want the glass outside of the letters etched. You want it to look clean.

Carefully remove the letters from the vinyl and make sure that you leave the insides of the letters “b” and “o”. I mistakenly took them out so I had to cut the stencil again. Ugh!

After all your letters are out cut a piece of transfer tape and carefully put the sticky side to the front of your stencil so you can peel the backing from your vinyl piece. Press firmly. Remove the backing.

Carefully take your piece and center the stencil on the jar. Be careful because once your commit it will be VERY difficult to remove the stencil without ruining it.

Press the stencil firmly around the glass to not have any air bubbles. Remove the transfer tape slowly.

(Optional) I added extra vinyl around my stencil to make sure it doesn’t accidentally get outside the area.

Take your etching cream and brush and liberally apply it over the stencil. Give it a good coat.


Let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Some people let it sit longer. It’s up to you.

Once time is up take your jar and quickly rinse off the cream to not get it on other parts of the jar.

As you are taking off the vinyl keep rinsing to make sure all the cream is off.

Softly dry the jar and the etched area. You don’t want to scratch the area that you just etched so use a soft cloth.

  1. You are done! Great job!

This was a fun project to do! I hope it brings you just as much joy it did me! Have a great weekend and God bless!!

In His service,




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