Hotel Lamp Rehab

This lamp shade has been the vain of my existence for the past week!!!!! Ha! For a minute there I though it got the best of me buuuuut knowing the stubborn “I got this” attitude of mine – I conquered it after many burned fingertips and two ruined lampshades in the trash! It’s done!

I bought a hotel lamp about two years ago for our dark master bedroom. It was at a great price and it did the job well. To tell you truth I didn’t take the price tag off for about a year. Anyway, so this past week I wanted to give it some jazz and a good punch of color. As I was browsing the Internet I ran into a tutorial from Mama Says Sew Blog and found a great make over for the lamp inspired by the store Anthropologie.

Here we go!!!

Materials for this project: 

  1. Lamp with a lampshade.
  2. Spray paint (Used Krylon Jade Satin)
  3. Burlap
  4. Masking tape
  5. Scissors

This is what the lamp looked like before.

1. Tape off the areas that you wouldn’t want to see painted.

2. Prepare a work area for painting. Make sure it’s a well ventilated area. Preferably outside. Spray your first coat and give it about 30 minutes to dry. Do this especially if your original surface was glossy like this lamp.

3. Apply a second and third coat leaving about 30 minutes in between each application. By the third coat your lamp should have a beautiful solid color. I painted all the way up to give that extra pop just incase anybody were to look underneath the lampshade.

May 18 2014_0168-2

4. I took the lamp shade and painted it ALL! Inside and out! I did this for two reasons. 1. I wrapped the entire shade with burlap and burlap has holes. So I wanted to see some color besides white. 2. I colored underneath because I didn’t like when i tried to tuck it under how it looked. I was too messy with the glue and there was glue everywhere. I actually like this a whole lot better.

5. When you are ready to cover start slow on the edge of the lamp. Work your way from the top to the bottom.

6. After I covered the entire shade I trimmed it to be even with the rim.

7. To make the ruffles I took the burlap and cut it 2 inches wide. I did this so that when I iron the burlap in half I get one inch high ruffles.

8. Start with your glue gun on the top and make a squiggle all the way down to the bottom. Make sure to go straight up and down. Then take the creased part of your ruffle and follow the glue line. Do this until you have go all the way around.

9. After I went all the way around once I continued to fill in all the gaps.

10. You are done!

QUICK TIP: After many burned fingers I got smart and decided to use a silicon finger cover that’s used in offices. I still felt the hot glue at times but it didn’t sting as much and glue didn’t stick to my finger again!


I hope this tutorial will inspire you to get out there and create your own!

In his service,




32 thoughts on “Hotel Lamp Rehab

    • journeydevida says:

      Thank you Lauren! I appreciate your feedback! Thank you for the invitation to the link party! I will be there 🙂 – Monica


    • journeydevida says:

      Thank you Marie! I am glad that you like it 🙂 I love to create and if it can bring people joy then it makes me proud. Thank you!

      – Monica


    • journeydevida says:

      Thank you so much Mel! It was fun making it and just as much fun sharing it! I am excited to hear that it was featured! Thank you for the opportunity! Enjoy your week!

      – Monica


  1. Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week 🙂


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