DIY Gift/Price Tags

Happy Friday!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but for good reason my friends! There has been a lot of activity on my little side of the world but more to come on that.

In this tutorial I created a tag that could be used for marking a price on an item or for marking a gift. It’s a simple start to MANY creative possibilities and uses. Thank you to Printable Party Decor for posting the free Gift Tag SVG file.


Materials Needed:

  1. Scrapbook paper/Decorative Paper
  2. Cutting Machine or Scissors
  3. SVG “Gift Tag” cutting file – Only if you are using a cutting machine and design software
  4. Design software if you are using a cutting machine
  5. Ribbon

1. Upload your SVG file onto your design software. Notice that the tag is outlined in black which means that it isn’t ready to be cut.


2. I used the trace feature and then highlighted what I wanted traced. The picture below shows the tag outlined in yellow which tells me it was traced and ready to be cut.


3. With a ruler I measured the dimensions of how my tag and then resized my tag on the software.

4. I then replicated the tag to fit an entire 12×12 paper. You are ready to cut. Make sure to adjust your cut settings to the appropriate paper you are using and make sure your blade is set as well.


5. This is the paper I chose.



6. This is what the tag should look like after it is cut.




Finished Product!



In His service,







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