Razor burn/Skin Irritation Remedy

Good Tuesday All!

Today I want to share a quick tip with you all in regards to shaving. Over the past couple of years I have felt that the skin on my legs has become very sensitive to creams, lotions, perfumes and most of all shaving. It got so bad that wearing jeans hurt. Exposing them to sun hurt. Oh my goodness one time I made the mistake to go swimming after shaving! It STUNG so bad!!! Ouch!

After trying different everything I finally have nailed down something that works great for me. I am sharing this with you in hopes of maybe helping someone else out there that might be suffering from similar issues.

After Shaving/Razor Burn Remedy:

  1. Dermoplast – Pain Relieving Spray – Hospital Strength
    1. I use this after every shave now. It relieves any burn that I feel! I love when the menthol kicks in and my legs start to feel cool!
    2. This works great for bug bites and rashes on the skin since it has a numbing agent as well.

I hope this tip helps! If you are already using Dermoplast please leave me some feedback as to how you are using it. God bless!

In His Service,



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