DIY Glass Vase Centerpiece with Twine

Hello again! I’m glad to be back! Since my last post, a lot of great changes have come to pass for my family. We’ve been in a busy season and blogging unfortunately stayed in the back-burner. Well now that I am mostly settled I am excited to create again and blog about what I’ve been up to.

So, things on my mind lately have been ways to decorate my house with items that I already own. In this tutorial you will see where I take empty cleaned out barbecue sauce glass bottles and twine them up for flower centerpieces. Here we go!!

Tip: Spray paint, in my opinion, is the easiest most effective way to spruce up an old, tired, paint chipped item. My favorite brand is Krylon with primer. Works great on many surfaces. More to come with projects using spray paint. 

Supplies List:

  1. (3) Empty Clean Glass Bottles
  2. Hot glue gun and sticks
  3. Twine
  4. Scissors

1. Start with a clean dry glass container. I used an empty barbecue sauce bottle.

2. Use your glue gun to run a straight line of glue about an inch long. Without touching the glue place your twine on top of the glue so that you cover the glue. Be careful not so smear or press too hard so that the glue doesn’t seep from either side of the twine.

3. Next place another glue line half way around the bottle. This will secure the top layer of twine which will service as the base for the remainder of the project.

4. Since you securely glued your top layer of twine all you need to do is tightly wrap the twine around the bottle (no glue needed as you are wrapping)  until you get to the last row. When you get to the last row, run another straight line of glue and secure your finishing touch. Cut off the twine that didn’t get glued down and your set. Tip: Try to line your top and bottom twine cuts so when you display your bottles you face the cuts to that back.

5. Here is the finished project with a smooth front and the cuts to the back!

6. Putting together all three bottles took no more than an hour to complete. So this is a quick and easy way to spruce up any room!


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