DIY Glass Vase Centerpiece with Twine

Hello again! I’m glad to be back! Since my last post, a lot of great changes have come to pass for my family. We’ve been in a busy season and blogging unfortunately stayed in the back-burner. Well now that I am mostly settled I am excited to create again and blog about what I’ve been up to.

So, things on my mind lately have been ways to decorate my house with items that I already own. In this tutorial you will see where I take empty cleaned out barbecue sauce glass bottles and twine them up for flower centerpieces. Here we go!!

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Razor burn/Skin Irritation Remedy

Good Tuesday All!

Today I want to share a quick tip with you all in regards to shaving. Over the past couple of years I have felt that the skin on my legs has become very sensitive to creams, lotions, perfumes and most of all shaving. It got so bad that wearing jeans hurt. Exposing them to sun hurt. Oh my goodness one time I made the mistake to go swimming after shaving! It STUNG so bad!!! Ouch!

After trying different everything I finally have nailed down something that works great for me. I am sharing this with you in hopes of maybe helping someone else out there that might be suffering from similar issues.

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DIY Gift/Price Tags

Happy Friday!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but for good reason my friends! There has been a lot of activity on my little side of the world but more to come on that.

In this tutorial I created a tag that could be used for marking a price on an item or for marking a gift. It’s a simple start to MANY creative possibilities and uses. Thank you to Printable Party Decor for posting the free Gift Tag SVG file.


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Hotel Lamp Rehab

This lamp shade has been the vain of my existence for the past week!!!!! Ha! For a minute there I though it got the best of me buuuuut knowing the stubborn “I got this” attitude of mine – I conquered it after many burned fingertips and two ruined lampshades in the trash! It’s done!

I bought a hotel lamp about two years ago for our dark master bedroom. It was at a great price and it did the job well. To tell you truth I didn’t take the price tag off for about a year. Anyway, so this past week I wanted to give it some jazz and a good punch of color. As I was browsing the Internet I ran into a tutorial from Mama Says Sew Blog and found a great make over for the lamp inspired by the store Anthropologie.

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Prayer Jar

These past couple of weeks have been tough on my heart. I have been hearing stories of close friends and family members going through some difficult times. Some minimal and could probably be done and over with in jiffy and then some are a little more serious and life changing. Although I have been praying and thinking about these individuals there was something that stirred inside of me to do more about making my prayers more vocal and tangible. I decided to write them down and put them in a prayer jar where I can be reminded of His support and love for us.

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Fedora and Things Collection

Good Throwback Thursday!

I wanted to share a little side of me that I knew I loved but really didn’t explore until the birth of my awesome daughter back in May of 2013. What I want to share is my love for photography. I always said it’s an art. It’s my perception of art whether I’m putting together boots and hats to form a shoot or photographing a baby’s yawn and delicate feet.

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Clay Pot Makeover

Hello All!

This project came together one day when I needed a quick makeover to my front door entrance and backyard porch for a party we were hosting. We are currently renting so making any major changes to the home wasn’t permitted. So, my husband I bought a good amount of plants but I noticed that all my pots were all sorts of colors and textures (the textures I didn’t mind so much). I LOVE LOVE LOVE spray paint to I grabbed a few cans from my craft room and off I went!

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