DIY Glass Vase Centerpiece with Twine

Hello again! I’m glad to be back! Since my last post, a lot of great changes have come to pass for my family. We’ve been in a busy season and blogging unfortunately stayed in the back-burner. Well now that I am mostly settled I am excited to create again and blog about what I’ve been up to.

So, things on my mind lately have been ways to decorate my house with items that I already own. In this tutorial you will see where I take empty cleaned out barbecue sauce glass bottles and twine them up for flower centerpieces. Here we go!!

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Prayer Jar

These past couple of weeks have been tough on my heart. I have been hearing stories of close friends and family members going through some difficult times. Some minimal and could probably be done and over with in jiffy and then some are a little more serious and life changing. Although I have been praying and thinking about these individuals there was something that stirred inside of me to do more about making my prayers more vocal and tangible. I decided to write them down and put them in a prayer jar where I can be reminded of His support and love for us.

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